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About Akpos

My name is Akpos Ogagbe, I hail from delta state of Nigeria. I'm a graduate of Pharmacy, Business Studies and Pharmacology (Msc).

My mom played a major role in me being an Mc/Comedian. At a young age, we regularly went to Night Of A Thousand Laughs in Nigeria; a comedy show. I was fascinated by the comedians at the event with special reference to Okey Bakassi. I also loved the effect comedy had on people. Nothing beats the feeling of making someone laugh. The sounds of laugher gives so much joy to an Mc/Comedian. Hence my journey into entertainment began.

I started from secondary school and progressed into the university. I started hosting events and bringing humour into it. People wanted me to host events because they were guaranteed laughter. I did lots of events while in university with several events coming from my sister who was an event planner and wedding consultant and was at that time selling bridals and offering Mc/Comedian services with me as the entertainer.

I couldn't concentrate on entertainment alone because I had to joggle it with Pharmacy School as well as church and political responsibilities. I was an executive in my fellowship, pharmacy association of Nigeria students, class captain and someones boyfriend.

After graduation at some point I decided to further my education and I chose London. My concern was continuing to entertain. I have had the privilege of being the recipient of several comedy and Emcee awards including Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television Awards (
Beffta) and Nigerian Events Awards (NEA).

I'm grateful to God for today and I'm excited about tomorrow.

What makes me different.

My major competitive advantage is the ability of combine the decorum of an emcee as well as the spontaneity and the wit of a Comedian. I inject positive energy into any function including morning devotion.

I host all events ranging from corporate, birthdays anniversaries, weddings, religious and more.

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